Trevor Wagner

Project-Focused Software Engineer, QA Automation



I'm a software engineer from Minnesota who specializes in test automation. Conventionally, software development organizations would classify me as a Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET). I have nearly 20 years' experience in Software Engineering and in QA/ QC of some sort, including test development, testing strategy, and custom framework development.


Since 2017 I've been working in QA Automation (automating tests and as an SDET). Prior to that, I provided manual testing (Acceptance Testing and Regression) in various capacities for about ten years. Other experience as a front-end engineer, desktop and end-user support, and as a Webmaster provide additional insight into my work. In QA, I've tested solutions for Desktop, Mobile, and the Enterprise (including SaaS solutions).

Mainly my experience is in JVM-based language (Java and Groovy) and JavaScript/ TypeScript. I have some experience with Python (this site was generated using a custom Python static site generator), PHP (I once used PHP in a rewrite of a 54-page brochure-style Website), and various low-level scripting languages.


Currently I provide freelance IT Consulting services C2C through Upstream Consulting LLC. Services provided include custom software development with a focus on Software QA and Test Engineering.

I provide a full breakdown of the services I provide on this page.


In addition to experience in how, I also have a lot of experience in why as it relates to Software QA and Test Engineering. In my experience, if you're going to invest time and effort into figuring out how to test, being able to answer questions related to why is an important step to to making the most of that investment.

I've always enjoyed writing. In a round-about way, it's part of helped me understand what I'm doing (and why) in Software QA.

I make some of the writing I do available on a Blog, here.